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Hello. I'm Tom. You can find me on Stack Exchange, OpenGameArt, or Anime-Planet AniList. I'm also a Trisquel user. My old site is here.

Programming Projects

Selected projects from my personal GitLab account. You can see a full list here.

A general framework for manipulating 2D vector images. Allows export to Adobe Flash (SWF) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with scripting, etc.
Conqore 2
A cross-platform game engine. Uses ODE for physics and Ruby for scripting.
A set of Javascript/HTML pages to test knowledge of the Japanese language.

Firefox Search Plugins

Search plug-ins I made for Firefox. These can be installed via the search box (in the top-right corner) whilst viewing this page.

An unofficial plugin for jisho.org, an online Japanese dictionary.
Super Adventures in Gaming
An unofficial search plugin I created to make searching the archives of SaiG easier.
TV Tropes
An unofficial plugin for TV Tropes.

Technical Documents

Information that may be of interest to programmers.

Dark Engine .BIN format (coming soon!)
A highly unofficial guide to the LGMM and LGMD mesh file formats used by Thief, Thief II, and System Shock 2.

Video Games

You know, those things you waste your time on when you could/should be doing something useful.

Misbehaving in System Shock 2
"Strangely, the UNN doesn't seem to have a problem with their new recruit smuggling approximately four hundred hypodermic syringes with him when he flies off to their training camps in order to become a better person."
Last updated: 10th May 2015